Untether.tv on Mobilize 2011: top themes and trends


Earlier this week, we held our two-day Mobilize 2011 event, which was jam-packed with interviews, discussion panels and fireside chats all revolving around the mobile industry. We have archived video footage from all of the sessions, which I recommend if you missed out on our show.

After our Mobilize concluded, I had the opportunity to meet with Rob Woodbridge. Rob creates a large amount of digital content on Untether.tv and he asked if we could do a video summary of Mobilize once I flew back home to the east coast. We did the video session this morning: Rob from California, while I was in my home office in Pennsylvania.

Chatting with and meeting Rob in person was a treat. As you’ll see in the video, he and I collectively point out a large number of important themes and trends that were uncovered at Mobilize, ranging from the consumerization of I.T. to the slowness of mobile payment adoption and the importance of thinking mobile first for apps and services.

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