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Report: Amazon eyeballs HP’s WebOS

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If Amazon (s amzn) ends up buying the orphaned webOS from Hewlett-Packard(s hpq), it shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. Last night, VentureBeat, citing a well placed source reported that the two companies are in “serious negotiations” about buying HP’s Palm business.

It’s been clear for a month that HP was looking into options for the operating system. HP bought Palm and its OS know-how for $1.2 billion in April 2010.

People who have followed HP over the past year could see the writing on the wall. Here’s a quick recap of WebOS-related news.

Earlier this week, Michael Abbott, who led webOS development at Palm before joining Twitter as VP of engineering last year, said he hoped WebOS innovation will live on, whether it is bought by another tech company or not.

“There were novel things we were doing around notifications, and how you could enable a notification to not distract what you were currently doing,” Abbott told Mobilize 2011 attendees.

Amazon dominated headlines this week with the debut of its Amazon Kindle Fire and its own Amazon Silk browser, optimized for use with Amazon Web Services.

Amazon could not be reached for comment. An HP spokesman said the company does not comment on rumors.

One Response to “Report: Amazon eyeballs HP’s WebOS”

  1. I really can’t see Amazon using webOS. I can see them wanting the patents to ward off Apple & MS, but to really invest in webOS and make it viable? I really doubt that. webOS just isn’t that good. It’s more hype than anything. Having two TouchPads I can say it is far behind every other tablet OS on the market. The much hyped multi-tasking via “cards” is in reality very cumbersome and much slower than any other multi-tasking tablet, even iOS. The webOS team just misses the mark more often than they hit it. RIM did a better job at implementing webOS ideas than HP/Palm did and they did it much quicker.

    webOS is pretty much dead now. . . we’ll be lucky if there is another major update but that will probably be it.