Does the world need another mobile OS?

The race in mobile has defaulted to Apple’s iOS (s aapl) and Google’s (s goog) Android operating systems, but that hasn’t stopped Samsung from thinking about open sourcing Bada, or Microsoft (s msft) from pushing ahead with Windows Phone 7 and a partnership with Nokia(s nok). So while Meego, Symbian (s nok) and webOS have hit the rocks, there’s still plenty of competition gunning for the chance to fight it out with Apple and Google.

At our recent Mobilize conference, I accosted our speakers and attendees, such as Sprint (s s) CTO Stephen Bye and Ville Vesterinen, CEO of the hot game company that created Shadow Cities, to ask them whether or not the world needed another mobile OS. For the most part, folks were doubtful, but one developer surprisingly didn’t mind the idea of a third, and it’s clear the carriers want one to dampen the power that Google and Apple hold over the ecosystem. Check it out.