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Speaking at’s BoxWorks event in San Francisco, Marc Andreessen broadened the argument he made recently in the Wall Street Journal. According to Business Insider’s Matt Rosoff, Andreessen suggested that “the clock is ticking” on venerable enterprise software companies like Oracle, because “not a single one of Andreessen-Horowitz’s startup investments use Oracle software.” Low cost cloud-based infrastructure and software is certainly facilitating a new breed of startup that would never have raised enough cash to begin previously, and is also meeting the needs of well-funded firms that can now buy their executives Teslas instead of Oracle licenses. But Oracle (and all their established competitors) have plenty of existing customers who continue buying new features, and plenty of new customers who see something worth paying for. Oracle also has plenty of cash, and ample time (at the moment) to explore profitable ways to monetize the latest trends. Or they could dig in, milk the maintenance payments they already receive, and ride out this technology wave in the hope that the next one is more amenable. The clock may be ticking, but it would be unwise to discount Oracle any time soon.