Today in Cloud

In amongst all the news about a new family of Kindle e-readers, Amazon has also unveiled a new web browser that will run on the top-end tablet and leverage the power of the company’s cloud to accelerate browsing. The team behind Amazon Silk have published a video that describes what they’re trying to achieve. Basically, Silk calls upon EC2 to speed up a number of browsing tasks, from pre-caching style sheets and images to down-sizing images and pre-fetching the ‘likely’ next page. One of the big innovations of the ‘Web 2.0’ meme was the widespread adoption of Ajax; moving a lot of processing off the server and down the wire to the user’s device. Silk turns a lot of this around and, whilst the rationale may be compelling, it remains to be seen how this actually works in practice. Is the cloud good at being a big cache for your web browser, or not? Would it make sense on a larger computer, as well as on an underpowered tablet?