iPhone 5 could lure more than half of BlackBerry owners


Apple (s aapl) could win considerable market share from competitors with iPhone 5, according to a new report by mobile ad network InMobi. The firm recently conducted a smartphone survey, covering the U.S., Mexico and Canada, and found that 52 percent of BlackBerry (s rimm) customers are planning to switch to iPhone, along with more than a quarter (27 percent) of current Android (s goog) device owners.

The next iPhone also stands a good chance of convincing many current Apple’s customers to upgrade, too. Fifty-one percent of current iPhone owners plan to move to an iPhone 5, according to InMobi’s results, released Wednesday. But the device’s appeal to both current iPhone users and people in other mobile phone camps has a lot to do with it being a brand new device. Interest waned considerably when respondents were asked to consider purchasing an iPhone 4S, or a minor upgrade based on Apple’s iPhone 4 design.

Big draws for consumers considering iPhones include better battery life, more processing power, a higher-resolution screen and stronger phone service. It’s a bit surprising that customers would want better resolution than what the iPhone 4’s Retina Display currently offers, but perhaps they’re just hoping for a larger and more legible screen.

It’s no secret that consumer appetite for a new iPhone is strong, but these latest numbers reveal that Apple could win at a considerable cost to its competitors. But it’s also very revealing that users expect a lot from this release; an extra long upgrade cycle probably has a lot to do with that.


Jim Dempsey

It COULD contain the answer to who shot JFK as well… however, neither are likely.


yes i agree iphone 5 can lure half of the blackberry users because it already started luring iphone 4 users (me) due to its thinner design maybe


“iPhone 5 is here, let the iPhone 6 rumors begin!”
There are some great new phones coming out in the next 6 months, Blackbery is faltering, the mighty Nokia Is gambling on windows phone os; the Android collective are the real threat to Apple, and they are getting better.
Come on Apple, make us proud.


I have become an Iphone5 zombie, it has seeped into me totally and utterly, Apple have a lot of pressure to live up to!

Ron in Texas

Apple has already told us…it’s a “let’s talk” iPhone. I feel like a kid again just a week away from Christmas. I can’t wait.

Adios Blackberry.

Ron in Texas

I was planning on buying the BB 9860 but not now. If the iPhone 5 has all the voice stuff (assistant) some think it will have, then forget Blackberry… iPhone here I come.

waited for so long

so many rumors of what the new iphone will be like…but if its a small bump from iphone 4 i wont be getting it, i want a new device…otherwise its samsung galaxy note for me.

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