Amazon’s Lukewarm Fire: No Kindle Tablets Outside U.S.

Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) has revealed its price-busting Kindle Fire tablet for $199 alongside a new touchscreen Kindle Touch. But that news will not be as big as it could have been: the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch are being launched in the U.S. only with no detail on when it plans to offer the new devices abroad.

This is now a pattern with Amazon. It took two years for the earlier Kindle to make it outside the U.S.. Amazon is also yet to launch its App Store and video service outside North America.

Amazon still lacks a convincing global strategy compared with Apple,” writes Sarah Rotman-Epps at Forrester. “The iPad is available in 64 countries, and we estimate that 50 percent of iPad sales in 2011 are outside the US.”

But at least one device will be making its way abroad: Dave Limp, VP of Amazon Kindle, told paidContent today at Amazon’s news event in New York that the new low-price $79 Kindle e-reader will be available in UK and Germany and possibly other markets. One report going around is that it will sell for £89 while prices will also be reduced for the older generations of the device.

So while Amazon is definitely setting the pace for what a tablet can be when it is not the iPad, it is so far missing a big trick.

It’s unknown how many Kindles Amazon has sold worldwide at this point. Benedict Evans, an analyst with Enders Analysis in London, believes the figures outside the U.S. are around the “low single diglt millions at most, but it’s next to impossible to be more precise.”