‘Zero emissions’ wholesale data center coming to Iceland


Colt, the British data center specialist, is building what it and partner Verne Global call a “zero emissions” data center slated to come online by year’s end.

The new facility, to be located on an old NATO base in Iceland, will run solely on geothermal and hydroelectric power, the availability of which make Iceland attractive for building data centers. 

Colt built the 37 modules that will make up the 500-square-meter facility and will ship them to Keyflavik, Iceland, for installation next month and to be operational within four months, according to a blog post by Bernard Geoghagan, executive vice president of Colt’s data center services.

Geoghagan wrote:

This will be the first wholesale data centre space in Iceland, and the first dual sourced 100% renewable powered data centre in the world.

Data center energy use is in the spotlight, especially as cloud computing initiatives ramp up. In 2010, data centers worldwide used 1.5 percent of all electricity, up 56 percent from 2005.

Colt built and will assemble the containers and foundation infrastructure–power supplies and cabling; HVAC; security and monitoring systems; lighting and flooring for the facility. Verne will supply the computing resources and fiber optic cabling on site.

Photo courtesy of flickr user Martin_VMorris


Commercial Floor

I think this is something that should be adopted globally. I feel very strongly about this subject.

Peter Hopton

Er.. heard of Thor? the other zero emission DC in Iceland. Or is this some play on ‘dual sourced’? You don’t need dual sources of electric over there, as the grid is so resilient – no power cuts in decades. Ever seen what happens to an aluminium plant in a power cut.

Anyway, this story is very odd. I do applaud Verne Global for what they are doing, but they need to get their press releases right?

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