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Prospect Park Aims For January 2012 Launch Of New AMC, OLTL Network

The new virtual home of All My Children and One Life To Live has a name and a launch target. Prospect Park partners Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz want to go live with THE Online Network (TOLN) in January 2012, with Erika Slezak but, so far, without Erica Kane. (We’ll give them the fancy spelling just this once so you can get a sense of the branding.)

In addition to the two soaps, which have been licensed form Disney/ABC (NYSE: DIS), the veteran Hollywood execs plan to have first-run entertainment and lifestyle shows at launch and eventually a full slate including reality and scripted comedy/drama programming.
Prospect Park already has a track record with new shows: quirky Royal Pains is a hit on USA while Wilfred broke through on FX.

They also plan to treat it like a TV network, promising “the full impact of traditional TV marketing and promotion” along with online promotion and social media, even though it’s a broadband-online play. The theory is that broadband access is in enough households and connected TVs and mobile devices are used enough to make a network for 30-and 60-minute shows viable.

Can they pull it off? Frank was the head of Disney Studios and Kwatinetz co-founded and headed entertainment management agency The Firm so neither is unschooled when it comes to the cost of doing business in Hollywood. Still, look at the struggles of massively financed OWN (NSDQ: DISCA) with Oprah Winfrey on board and Discovery Comkmunications as a JV partner or at the competition en route from YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) with Google’s deep pockets and in-progress plans for schedule-based channels. The odds against success are about the same as betting that a soap diva won’t get married, fall into a coma or have a twin.

As for Lucci, the nice thing about soaps is they can write around absent characters indefinitely if they want to leave the door open. Erica Kane has been MIA before. Her OLTL counterpart Erika Slezak, aka Victoria Lord, is already promoting Llanview’s new locale on her personal site.

5 Responses to “Prospect Park Aims For January 2012 Launch Of New AMC, OLTL Network”

  1. Debbie King

    Cmon prospect park!! Get off your butts and do something!!!!! We want our soaps back!!!! Seriously thinking of coming down there and protesting, anything that will get our soaps back!!!!! Please!!!!!! I have watched both soaps since the begining(over 40 years)!! I am no longer watching anything on A.B.C.!!!! Who was the idiot that decided to take them off the air anyway?? I will not stop until something is done!!!! Please feel free to e-mail me anytime.

  2. Why did you cancel amc and oltl, i am so sad to see them go please say there might be a chance that they’ll be back on the computer please, there is only one soap that i will be watching now n thats Days of our lives, the replacements that is on does not hold my interest what so ever, there is so much food shows and talk shows on that it feels like your shoveing it down our throats enough bring back our soaps PLEASE PLEASE

  3. Elaine Tibbs

    How will we know when All My Children will be on the internet? Will there be a fee for watching this program? What internet site will we be going to in order to watch this show?

  4. Brenda Swinhart

    i have been a loyal fan of all my children for many years. while there is a void in the usual tv viewing
    that has been normal for so long, i will be willing to change my ways and view on the computer. you
    guys should of had this set up so there is no break in the show. we soap nuts are used to the
    continueing story lines from one day to the next. You might find that the more delay in aring the shows,
    the more the fans might forget or loose interest in continueing to watch.

  5. WHO WAS SHOT BY J.R.? AMC needs to hire Larry Hagman NOW and get these promos on Prospect Park! :)I’d LOVE to have 5 minutes with the heads of this new network!!!!Mark Schreier, Roanoke, VA 540/797-8791 mobile [email protected] in soap writing, TV news, promotion, marketing, sales – -would LOVE to share 5 minutes with you!!!!