Who’s getting iPhone 5? Sprint, T-Mobile give different answers


At our Mobilize conference on Monday, the two U.S. carriers who don’t currently offer the iPhone (s AAPL) — Sprint (s S) and T-Mobile — were asked whether they’d be offering the iPhone 5. And they gave very different answers. Looking at those answers, it’s fairly easy to surmise which is and isn’t going to be carrying the iPhone refresh, which is expected to arrive in the next month.

T-Mobile USA Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman, talking with Om Malik about the iPhone, said, “We’d love to have the iPhone whenever Apple makes that available.” He also said, “the ball is in Apple’s court” and his company is “waiting for that phone call.”

Translation: No, T-Mobile is not going to be carrying the next iPhone, which is likely to be announced in a few weeks.

Compare that to what Sprint said. Stacey Higginbotham asked Stephen Bye, Sprint’s CTO, the same question. His response? “I’m not in a position to comment on that.”

That’s definitely not a “no.” He’s certainly in a position to know the answer, so his choice to go with a “no comment” is either meant to keep up the mystery, or avoid getting into trouble with Apple before the big reveal. It’s also very similar to what Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse did last week at another conference, when he refused to deny reports that his company would be offering the iPhone very soon.

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I hate pot stirrers and ridiculous errors that should have been corrected before hitting post and/or submit.


I agree with Steven. Nobody knows anything at this point so why even discuss it. There are enough “Pot Stirrers” as it is! Conjecture only creates angst for those who have nothing to do but dream about something they don’t have and anger those that take everything they read to heart and will, no doubt, be dissappointed when it doesn’t come true. Much like a child that thinks he knows what he is getting for his birthday and is dissappointed when he is wrong. Just leave it alone and enjoy the surprise!

J. Puglisi, LLC

Teh real question should be who will have the iPhone 5 on a 4G network. If it doesn’t offer the increased bandwidth then who cares.


I have to disagree here. As a loyal Sprint Customer, I’ll just be happy getting an iphone. Unfortunately 4G isn’t available in my area, but to never see a “force close” again would certainly make me giddy!

Steven Nwokocha

Thats pure speculation you dont know anything for sure until it happens so stop speculating and just wait


Something tells me that T-Mo is more interested in making their network appear weaker and therefore create an atmosphere more acceptable for purchase by AT&T in the eyes of important segments of the US legal system. I doubt the ‘ball in apple’s court’ is anything reasonable.


Whoever wrote this article need to be fired. Riddled with grammatical errors a little child could have noticed.

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