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paidContent Advertising: Google’s Mohan: Display Can Be $200 Billion Biz

Neal Mohan thinks display advertising can be a $200 billion business and that Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is uniquely positioned to help make it so. During an on-stage interview with paidContent Editor Staci D. Kramer at our recent paidContent Advertising conference, the Google vice president of product management explained his rationale for that $200 billion estimate, announced DoubleClick’s entry into the fastest-growing categories — mobile and video, and much more.

It’s all in the video embedded below. Is Mohan right? Let us know what you think in the comments. Full coverage of the conference is available in our archives.

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2 Responses to “paidContent Advertising: Google’s Mohan: Display Can Be $200 Billion Biz”

    • JoshPritchard

      not good for competitors, perhaps, but consumers love getting more and more media subsidized by advertising. letting consumers pay for goods with their attention is a pretty powerful model.

      i feel very confident that the vast majority of consumers value Google and its services greatly.

      luckily I believe the ftc, doj, and senate understand that–no matter how much MSFT spends on lobbyists and campaign contributions–consumers don’t want to see the government restrict Google from providing more and better products.