6 Responses to “Netflix rolling out Facebook app, but not in the US”

  1. FYI, Netflix may be using this as a way to sell your personal data….
    With this amendment Title 18, Section 2710(b)(2) would read:
    (2) A video tape service provider may disclose personally identifiable information concerning any consumer—
    (A) to the consumer;
    (B) to any person with the informed, written consent (including through an electronic means using the Internet) of the consumer given at one or both of the following times:
    `(i) The time the disclosure is sought.
    `(ii) In advance for a set period of time or until consent is withdrawn by such consumer.’.

    two things can now occur:
    1. Netflix can update its terms of service to say “you grant netflix to share XXXXX information until your account is terminated”
    2. Once you are presented a form of tiny 6 point type disclaimers when you go to connect your facebook account to your netflix account, you are given written consent. When you enter your netflix account information to enable the account sharing after that disclosure, you authorize the sharing of your private data, until “you withdraw consent” which may be remove the access from facebook. One of the largest advertising Internet company now has every netflix movie, and show _you_ have ever watched and how you rated them, best of all – it is not tied to some random number like the rest of the data Netflix sells.

  2. William Davidson

    Hey Arrrr, ironically, Congress may do the least amount of damage to this country just by focusing on this kind of unimportant stuff. When Congress focuses on war and healthcare issues and the economy is when they are most likely to screw up major stuff. Anyway, I’m not sure that Netflix really needs a Facebook app, but its a testament to how big Facebook is that Netflix is willing to present their very strong brand on there in a major way. Facebook is trying to get people to spend as much time on Facebook as possible and with music and movies and games going forward, this is how they’re gaining more and more ad space. This market is growing rapidly with Facebook revenues doubling year over year and all kinds of companies rapidly focusing on Facebook with all kinds of promotions via any of the companies listed at http://buyfacebookfansreviews.com because its just ridiculous how much of a focus of a number of businesses this has become. Google is doing some interesting stuff with business profiles coming up soon, but it seems too little too late against this sort of dominance.

  3. Arrrrr!!!

    “Netflix urged its users on the Netflix blog to push for the bill by emailing Congress.”

    This is probably the *least* important thing that Congress should have to address right now.