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Facebook: Timeline is coming — whether you like it or not

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Screenshot of Timeline (click to enlarge)

Facebook debuted a new design for user profiles called Timeline at its f8 conference Thursday in San Francisco. If you don’t love the new look at first sight, you better learn to at least like it: Timeline will soon be the only profile design available to Facebook users.

The initial roll-out of Timeline will be gradual, Product VP Christopher Cox said in a post-keynote press conference at f8. “We want to go really slowly with this roll-out and give people several weeks to read about [Timeline],” he said. “It’s not like people are going to log in one day and their whole profile will change. We’re getting a lot of material out there so people can understand it.”

But eventually, all profiles will be transitioned to the Timeline interface. While Facebook expects some people to be resistant to the big change, “eventually we will have to move those people over” to the Timeline design, Cox said. In a follow-up interview, a Facebook spokesperson said that opt-in will be available “for a few weeks” before everyone is moved over to the new design.

Also during the press conference, Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged that some users will complain about the new look, and that there may be different reactions across age groups. But he was steadfast in Facebook’s decision to give itself a makeover — again and again. “The world is moving quickly, and we want to be innovative and try new things,” he said. Whether Facebook’s users will be as keen to the change remains to be seen.

9 Responses to “Facebook: Timeline is coming — whether you like it or not”

  1. Al Jackson

    I made the mistake of opting to switch to timeline – basically screwing myself since no one else is doing it, so I don’t have full interface anymore with other FB users as they see a completely different version of my page including different information on my page that I see. FB continues to say the “roll out will take place soon.” Liars. They’ve been saying it for months. The least they can do is let me switch back, but nooooo. Time to check out G+.

  2. Simply put, Timeline is incredible. An amazing step up from the old FB profile interface.

    I applaud them for trying new things. While I think the sidebar and photo viewer were huge steps back, Timeline is a MASSIVE step in the right direction.

    • Jennie Duhamel

      Started using Timeline today, and I agree… it’s amazing. It’s easy to use, and fun to add things in from years ago, before Facebook existed (and the internet!). Loving it.

  3. The timeline doesn’t look bad! It looks a lot simpler and fairly easy to use- by far one of their best changes (to come);

    but I am curious about what our home feeds will look like and how they will work.

  4. I think this is a huge mistake for Facebook. I think that with all of the big changes, no one knows what level of privacy and control they have anymore….if any. This will be deadly for them, in the future. You can’t just keep signing bigger name companies to cover up the lack of control and privacy that is clearly evident with all this. I would be very careful, if I were Facebook.