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At f8, Facebook to jump on the NFC train

In a matter of hours, Facebook is going to host f8, its annual developer conference. By now we have all heard everything that is coming at the event. Back in June, I had exclusively reported that Facebook will launch its Music service in partnership with Spotify and others. Mark Zuckerberg and others are going to go into great detail about the company’s push into “news” and “media.” Colleen Taylor outlines what to expect at the f8 conference.

Except there’s one more thing.

My sources are telling me that the company is going to make some sort of announcement around NFC technologies at the event as well. The Places product will have some NFC elements built into them, and the social network is working closely with some hardware vendors. I am pretty sure we are going to find out more details in a few hours.

NFC is a short-distance wireless technology, and it is likely to be a catalyst for m-commerce. Some research groups believe that by 2014, one in five phones will be NFC-enabled.

2 Responses to “At f8, Facebook to jump on the NFC train”

  1. Isn’t push into “news” and “media.” the data disintegration [browser history] and data density we talked about in.

    NFC will just add to that fun. There is no reason a Gas pump can not send back price/gallon and gallons when I pay with my NFC device, which links it up to the cars millage which links it to GPS data about routes and stop and go I have driven since the last fill. Which tells me how much money I would have saved if I would have listened and avoided that stop and go traffic. And if you want to make that social how much “smarter” all my “friends” are who avoided that traffic jam.