Is Sprint getting iPhone 5? It’s not denying it


Sprint doesn’t want to talk about whether it’s getting the iPhone, but it’s not exactly going out of its way to deny it. There have been several reports that indicate Sprint will be a third carrier option for U.S. customers interested in Apple’s smartphone.¬†At a Goldman Sachs investor conference Wednesday, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse did some verbal gymnastics to talk about the iPhone, without saying whether his company will actually offer it.

Hesse reportedly kicked off his remarks at the event by announcing he would not be talking about the iPhone. According to CNET:

This time, Sprint Chief Executive Dan Hesse noted that the company’s financial expectations for the year doesn’t factor in the “rumored device,” and a hint at a possible change.

“If we get it–if–we may have to adjust our guidance for that,” Hesse said today during an investor conference sponsored by Goldman Sachs.

Electronista reports that despite the talking-about-it-without-really-talking-about-it routine, Hesse “framed [the iPhone] as the key to Sprint’s future business,” saying that the “number one reason customers churn” was “because of the iPhone.”

The Wall Street Journal reported last month that Sprint is planning to sell the iPhone 5 in October. Wednesday morning AllThingsD said to expect Apple to unveil the iPhone 5 on October 4.


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