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Breathe Again: Apple Will Announce The New iPhone On October 4, Says Report

Looks like all that fevered speculation about the next Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) smartphone(s) is finally coming to a head: according to sources, Apple will reveal its new iPhone on October 4.

The media event has not yet been confirmed by Apple — and comes after a summer-long guessing game about what it is the Apple has planned next for the iPhone; whether a new device will be coming out this year; and when we could expect to see the company announce some news. AllThingsD, which first reported October 4, says it got the date from sources close to the situation.

Apple is also expected to start selling the new iPhone within weeks of the announcement.

Apple’s next event will be significant not only because of the products that will be announced, but because it will be the first such occasion since Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO in August, to be replaced by his long-time deputy, Tim Cook.

Many associated Jobs indelibly with Apple’s meteoric rise and domination in the tech and wireless world — although more recently the company’s stock has continued to climb — as have sales — leading many more to proclaim that the company appears to be doing just fine for now without Jobs at the helm.

It’s almost certain that Cook will lead Apple’s next event to secure the message that he is now in the driving seat. He was last seen leading a product announcement when Apple teamed up with Verizon to launch the CDMA version of the iPhone earlier this year.