Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard review: An iPad accessory that just fits


Like many others, I find the iPad (s aapl) on-screen keyboard lacking. I’ve got big hands, and the keys are just too small for serious typing. I’ve tried various keyboard cases. The problem with a combo keyboard and case is that the keyboard is limited in size by the size of the iPad. Luckily, Logitech(s logi) has introduced a new accessory that works around that limitation.

Logitech solved this dilemma with its innovative Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad, which is reminiscent of the Apple Adjustable keyboard I feel in love with in the early 90s. As you can see in this video, when you open up the new Logitech keyboard, it extends beyond the iPad 2’s borders, giving you additional room to type. Nice!

The keyboard integrates with the iPad 2 smart cover, and leaves room for all the iPad ports including the headphone jack and dock. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth and charges via a standard microUSB port.

Typing on the keyboard was a dream. The feel of the keys is close to that of Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard, and was actually much easier to type on for extended period of time. I was even able to use it in ergonomic mode to match the position of my old Apple Adjustable keyboard. Similar to Apple’s solution, the keyboard supports a variety of shortcuts to make it even easier to use with the iPad.

There are really only two drawbacks to the keyboard. First, the iPad’s position is not easily adjustable. It can only be used in landscape mode, and if you modify the angle of the iPad, you are modifying the width of the keyboard. My second issue is that when collapsing the keyboard, the motion is accelerated by the weight of the iPad, making it slam shut if you aren’t careful. I found it best to hold the keyboard while collapsing the case to slow down how quickly it closes.

Purists will balk at the fact that the case doubles the weight and thickness of the iPad, but serious typists will welcome not having to make the sacrifice between a too-small integrated keyboard or a bulky external. Logitech’s Fold-Up keyboard is the perfect balance between the two extremes, and a welcome addition to the iPad 2 family.



I got my Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad2 a couple of days ago – two glitches with it’s interface with my 32 GB WiFi only iPad2: (1) Made my screen freeze in the vertical orientation; and (2) I have lost all sound on all apps and webpages except for stored gallery videos. Both of these conditions persist even after parting the iPad2 from the keyboard; severing the bluetooth connection; and re-booting the iPad2. Logitech Tech Support has nothing in their records, etc. to address either problem – promised to pass on my problems to their engineers to examine it. Going to the Apple Store Genius Bar tomorrow to see if they can restore the functions with or without the keyboard attached. I recognize that it is a new product and that there are bound to be glitches – this is a pretty severe one though. On a positive, I love the design of this keyboard !

sarah and grace

the iPad is GREAT!!!! i dont have one yet but it looks pretty niffty..and who would have thought a keyboard???? just watch the video up there^^^^^….if you dont have an iPad then you cant call it a myPad… d=-P (boy wearing a hat…pass it on!! make it the next big thing!!!)


15 second pre-roll for a ridiculous 4 second video?! are you greedy bastards kidding me?


Can you please start embedding HTML5 video? I don’t and won’t have Flash installed. For a site reporting on Apple and tech this is a big oversight.

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