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paidContent Advertising: The Video Review In 338 Seconds

Last week’s paidContent Advertising conference in New York was so full of excellent speakers with news and info that even I’m still catching up. Luckily, I have great colleagues and some good tools. In addition to the thorough coverage by Team paidContent on our sites and some full-length session videos we’ll post in coming weeks, here’s a highlight reel of moments chosen by our journalists during the full-day conference and produced by Scribe Media. Of course, it’s only skimming the surface but check it out for a taste of what you missed — and to get an idea of what you can expect at paidContent Entertainment in LA, November 3.

We’ll be adding more video from paidContent Advertising in the coming weeks. Until then, our full coverage is available in our archives — and thanks again to all who made the day possible.

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