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What the Web is saying about Netflix-Qwikster

Since Netflix (s NFLX) announced plans to rebrand its DVD-by-mail business, the Web has been busy speculating about its future. Among other things, the new name, Qwikster, has attracted a good deal of ridicule — maybe because it doesn’t have the same ring as Netflix? But there are more serious questions being raised about the business model and the user experience consumers can expect from the new entity.

Here are just a few of the reactions on Twitter:

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Meanwhile, a number of folks wrote longer posts talking about the decision:

9 Responses to “What the Web is saying about Netflix-Qwikster”

  1. i just cancel the membership from netflix i couldn’t afford the price. When i first saw netflix i was getting dvd in the mail plus watching streaming movie many i want.But now i say they crazy and idiot raising price and splitting 2 different things cost almost $20 a month i was paying like $12 a month that 8 more dollars raise. They are taking money out of our pocket. Hope everyone agrees with me and hope more customers gonna drop out of netflix.

  2. Everyone is so up in arms about this split. To me it is blatantly evident that they don’t see a future in physical discs. Rename the physical side, sell it. How many of of you are still watching VHS?

  3. Shaun Flagg

    Reed Hastings is now as delusional and out of touch as the Blockbuster executives that turned down his idea of mail order DVDs 12 years ago. He is now so big headed that he lacks common sense

  4. Thomas Mc

    Wow. After so arrogantly declaring that they couldn’t care less what their customers thought about their price restructuring, and losing a MILLION customers and almost 1/2 of the company’s value as a result, they now double down on their arrogance, and declare that they are going to make it TWICE as hard for their remaining customers to do business with them, and they couldn’t care less what those customers think about it.

    In just a few short months, Netflix has completely DESTROYED all the good will they had built up with their customers over the last 12 years, and they seem determined to send the company into bankruptcy soon. The stockholders must be SO impressed!

    Want to know why Netflix stock has dropped from $300 to $150 in just TWO months?

    It isn’t the movies, stupid, ITS THE STUPID CEO!