Appcelerator Opens A Spare-Parts Store (Sort Of) For Mobile Web Developers

Everyone by now has heard of app stores, but what about module stores? Appcelerator is opening a store for developers using its software-development tools that will stock various preassembled bits of code for use in their apps as well as actual templates for applications.

It’s called the Open Mobile Marketplace, and you’re going to need to know your way around mobile application development if you want to browse the aisles. Appcelerator thinks that the store will make it easier for software developers to use third-party technology in a consistent fashion across applications written for different platforms.

Some heavy hitters are on board with modules in the market, including PayPal (eBay (NSDQ: EBAY) is an investor in Appcelerator), Google’s AdMob and DoubleClick, Adobe’s Omniture (NSDQ: OMTR), and The store will also offer modules like OpenGL, graphics technology often used in games.

The ultimate platform for helping developers ensure consistency across multiple platforms will one day be the mobile Web, but the app model still holds the attention of most companies trying to target mobile devices because of the more powerful capabilities that can be delivered with a native app. The store is only open to current customers of Appcelerator, who are generally Web developers looking to build native mobile apps without having to learn a new set of technologies.