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@ pcAds: Our Full Coverage

We’ve just wrapped up our paidContent Advertising conference in New York, a day jam-packed with discussions about ad exchanges, paid content, brands and social media, mobile advertising, and much more. If you missed the event — or if you just want to brush up on the details — check out our full coverage below:

»  @ pcAds: It’s Not Google That’s Diabolical; Others Aren’t Diabolical Enough

»  @ pcAds: New Technology Leads To New Storytelling Approaches

»  @ pcAds: Flipboard’s McCue: Interactive Ads Have Drawbacks

»  @ pcAds: How Brands Use Social Media

»  @ pcAds: Facebook Says It Hasn’t Even Scratched The Surface With Marketing

»  @ pcAds: Hearst Wants Tablet Magazines To Adopt Movie, TV Pricing

»  @ pcAds: Social Media Is Growing, Becoming More Helpful

»  @ pcAds: The Right Label, At The Right Time

»  @ pcAds: Google Launching DoubleClick Mobile, Video For Publishers

»  @ pcAds: Branded Content Combs For A Multi-Screen Opportunity

»  @ pcAds: What ‘TV Everywhere’ Means For Advertisers

»  @ pcAds: Levinsohn: AOL Merger Is Not Part Of Our Discussion At Yahoo

»  @ pcAds: Mobile Ad Spend Is Exploding But It’s Not The Silver Bullet

Many thanks to everyone, including our sponsors Google (NSDQ: GOOG), NetShelter, OpenX and Lotame, for their support.