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A first look at Google TV’s new apps

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Google (s GOOG) TV-specific apps have started to pop up on the Android Market in recent days, hinting at an imminent release of the next-generation smart TV platform. Google TV’s new release, which will be based on Honeycomb, is expected to be released before the end of the month. And judging from the apps already available, it will offer access to a wide variety of content from publishers like the Wall Street Journal, (s NWS) CNN, (s twx) CNBC, (s cmcsa)(s ge) QVC (s linta) and others.

Perhaps even more interesting is that there are also a number of apps from smaller developers who are trying to push the envelope of what’s possible with Google TV. Take Call Toaster for example, which automatically displays caller IDs and text messages from your Android phone while you watch live TV. Or the aVia Media Player, which allows users to stream local content from any computer or NAS drive within the own network. Heck, there’s even a Frogger app!

Want to take a first look at some of the apps that will be available on Google TV once the Honeycomb update is publicly available? Then check out the slide show below:

20 Responses to “A first look at Google TV’s new apps”

  1. Bob Lindabury

    What I see is a very obvious lack of any hard-core TV content. Nothing having to do with any of the large Movie/TV content providers. NADA, SILCH, ZIP.

    Where’s the HBO, SHOWTIME, NBC, ABC, FOX, STARZ, PARAMOUNT, etc. content? F games! It’s called GoogleTV not GoogleGames.

    If they want this platform to survive, start making deals with content providers and give this thing a kick-start. Only use tech/nerd dweebs are the ones that love this platform. For it to fly it needs the average consumer buy-in.

    Jesus. I want it to succeed but I don’t see anything that’s allowing it to.

    Ball State University? WTF? C’mon.

    I want to DROP cable/FIOS subscription. I want to CUT THE CORD! But I can’t! C’mon Google/Logitech/Sony. Make some content deals! And no, YouTube does NOT count as mainstream content.

    Lets GO!

  2. Matthew Drake

    It surprises me how the naysayers knock something they have not experienced nor seen yet.WAIT till Google has Honeycomb,ICS then Jellybean(a later addition) up and running ,before you knock a multi dollar company.I know this first hand.Being that I have bough msn products to start out slow,only to see them talk off,and leave the world’s jaws on for the floor..and for all obvious reasons,their jaws are still on the floor.Same goes with Google,they have the money,the technology and the knowhow..come September 30th,the world will take note of Google.Then and only then,the naysayers who said it couldn’t be done,will themselves have to recollect their jaws,because Google proved them wrong.

    The Proof is in the Pudding…

    • Bob Lindabury

      Start off slow? How about not starting at all? LOL! I’ve had my Logitech Revue now for over a year. The issues are less what the hardware/software can do and more about the lack of content deals with content providers. Hell, the main content providers even BLOCK GTV from accessing their content! (HULU, HBO, CBS, NBC, FOX, etc) There are ways around those blocks but it involves running your own DNLA server on a PC and connecting to that as an aggregate content provider. How many typical consumers are going to be able to do that? Not many!

      The proof may be in the pudding but so far all I see are some of the ingredients and no recipe for success.

      • Bob Lindabury

        He’s referring to the updated GoogleTV software (Android Honeycomb 3.1 + Apps) being released September 30th.

        Like I said above, that’s all fine and good. The technical advancements of the platform are important and welcomed but without some major content providers getting on board, the product will still flounder.

        I believe the content provider partnerships should be cemented BEFORE releasing a new product. That way people will get fantastic new capabilities AND the content they are yearning.

  3. It looks like they are still not focusing on bringing games to Google TV and turning it into a “console platform”. Shame. Apple will do it with their TV next year, and then they’ll scramble again to catch-up, instead of thinking ahead.

    • I’d imagine the hardest part of making Google TV work for gaming is the input device. You can’t really use the Logitech keyboard for it. Sure, you could use Android phones and tablets with their accelerometers, but there might be quite a bit of inconsistency, given that different handsets work with different sensors. Maybe that’s something you could solve with calibration, but it wouldn’t be that easy…

      That being said, there are already a few casual games by MOVL, which we wrote about before. And the fact that Konami developed an app for Google TV is also encouraging, even if it’s just Frogger for now.

      • Madhav, the next version will definitely run on current-gen hardware. As for 2 years out – who knows? I’d be a little bit skeptical, and probably rather invest my money in a Logitech Revue than a full-blown Sony TV if I wanted to buy a Google TV right now.

        All I know is that my first-gen Android handset doesn’t work with current Android versions…

      • There are already drivers for bluetooth-based controllers for android (susch as the Wiimote). I see no reason why they can’t be ported to Googletv, which is android based. I think you’re clueless.

    • Matthew Drake

      you haven’t been paying attetion much have you? the games are already there ready to go on google+ we’re just waiting for the honeycomb 3.1.then around october november the ICS will be on board,followed by more in the near future.