Guardian Launches New U.S. Homepage


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Guardian News & Media has launched its new homepage,, from its digital operation in New York.

Readers can switch between the UK and US versions of the Guardian homepage by choosing from a dropdown menu at the top left-hand corner of each edition’s front page.

Janine Gibson, editor of GNM’s US operation, said of Wednesday’s launch: “It’s just one page today, but we hope that by presenting a targeted homepage, we’ll be able to better display the stories that are most relevant to our US readers.”

The move is the latest in GNM’s shift to a digital-first strategy, announced by editor-in-chief Alan Rusbriger in the summer.

Gibson added: “The site will be a gradual build which will allow us to monitor audiences and grow according to behaviour and what our users want – we’re starting small but thinking big. It’s fantastic to know that we will have the freedom to innovate and experiment with new forms of digital journalism with the full support of the Guardian brand behind us.”

The newspaper group has also hired Robert Mackey, editor of the New York Times (NYSE: NYT) news blog The Lede, as a reporter and blogger.

Gibson said: “We’re delighted that Rob is joining He has tremendous journalistic talent and has pioneered the live-blogging experience for millions of readers over the years.”

GNM also publishes

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