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Today in Green IT: Going beyond PUE in the data center

Last week Google disclosed the details of its energy consumption, and its data center engineers argued that the leading figure cited to assess how energy-efficient a data center is, power usage effectiveness (PUE), must be continuously measured and averaged over a twelve-month period. According to Adam Lesser, GigaOM Pro Green IT analyst, in his weekly column (subscription required), this was a veiled shot at some companies that measure their data centers on a cold day in January when their cooling costs are zero and then publish a great PUE number. And Google is right, says Lesser: we need more transparency surrounding PUE.

In Adam’s column he also suggests three shifts in focus with regard to data efficiency that will matter in the future:

  • 1. Admit the limits of the Power Usage Effectiveness metric.
  • 2. Think about software.
  • 3. Integrate hardware and software efficiency metrics.

To read the complete story check out GigaOM Pro.

One Response to “Today in Green IT: Going beyond PUE in the data center”

  1. Rod Trent

    This is a great read and really covers what we, at 1E, are also saying. There’s a lot more to datacenter efficiency than just rolling out a metric for reporting. The datacenter is evolving at a rapid pace even more now because of the Cloud. There are holes in efficiency that must be plugged to ensure the success of the datacenter. We have outlined several of these, which can be reviewed here (including a Gartner research note):