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HTC exec: The iPhone is your dad’s phone

Martin Fichter, the acting president of HTC Americas, got onstage on Monday at the Mobile Future Forward event in Seattle for a discussion about disruption in the mobile industry and a little old-fashioned trash talk. Fichter, who has already outlined how HTC is willing to be flexible in terms of how and what it offers in the mobile ecosystem, finished up by talking about his visit to bring his daughter to Reed College, in Portland, Ore., where her dorm mates carried HTC devices, Samsung products and Chinese phones, but “none of them has an iPhone.”

Always interested in opposition research, Fichter asked why these kids weren’t clutching the Apple (s aapl) phone (apparently Apple hasn’t totally lost the kids — MacBook Airs were hot). They told him that their parents carried iPhones and they didn’t want the gadgets their parents carried. “The iPhone wasn’t cool. I mean, would you want what your parents wanted?” he asked the audience. “I wouldn’t.”

There you have it. Straight from the mouth of an HTC executive who visited one college dorm and reported back on the responses from a few students he met. The iPhone: It’s your parents’ mobile phone. I’m hoping for equally exciting smackdowns at our Mobilize event at the end of this month in San Francisco.

25 Responses to “HTC exec: The iPhone is your dad’s phone”

  1. That’s one of the worst argument I ever heard to promote a product. What does he mean? Our parents, or elder people, are just stupid that use an iPhone. They should still use the ’90 Nokia mobile phone to be our “parents” ?

  2. Steven Greenstein

    Wait until HTC makes their next big splash by acquiring the rights to HP’s WebOS to add to their list of recent acquisitions to move up the value chain from pure device mfg. to more effectively compete w/ Googarola (Google Motorola – Android) and Samsung’s Badia OS. Sources tell me that due diligence is already underway.

  3. Gary Merinstein

    Kinda interesting. I wonder why he didn’t try to promote the technical superiority of HTC over Apple instead of trying to insult iPhone users?

    Maybe he has nothing to promote?

  4. who cares? HTC makes 5 cell phones per year, 4 of them are complete crap. Samsung makes 10 crappy ones and haven’t seen a good one yet.
    Apple makes 1 model a year and entire cell industry is shaking LOL :)

  5. Can you say biased and myopic? I knew that you could ;) Such a “well-conducted” scientific study. ~rme~

    Speaking of well conducted surveys I saw on the NY Times Technology page today that there is unprecedented demand for the yet to be shipped iPhone 5. Estimated Q1 2012 projected units sold, a mere 27 million.

    I do visualize lots of unsold and tossed HTC phones in land fills because people will be buying iPhone 5 units.

  6. I’m a dad and I use an iPhone. My observations re kids who can afford smartphone devices is linked to a singular issue: the “bbm” issue. All my kid’s friends use Blackberry’s. iConnect or “bbm” don’t cross platform. The platform rules their choice, not the device.

  7. My anecdotal observations of teens and young adults echos the HTC exec’s reports. I’m often surprised by teens who previously where carrying an iPhone but are now carrying a Droid Whatever and seem to be perfectly happy with it.

  8. The Gnome

    Yea, because the iPhone was invented a whole generation ago already… this is showing a bit of panic on their part.

    Now Microsoft… they are your Dad’s software company.. but they have been around long enough to no longer be cool.

    One day I have no doubt Apple won’t be as cool as they are now, but its not this year and likely not for a good 5+

  9. Hunch agrees with this guy. Android skews 18-34 and iPhone is 29% more likely to be 35+.

    I would agree with his assessment as well. If someone is older an a technophobe, I tell them to get an iPhone. If someone is younger and wants to be an individual and fiddle with things, Android is the way to go.

    • While I like and own multiple android devices, I don’t get the feeling that college girls (the demographic of the HTC exec’s survey) like to fiddle with phones.

      The iphone is more expensive to operate than most android phones; if you told college kids that all smartphones were the same price, and they didn’t have to get service on ATT, most would choose the iphone.

  10. Bill Geiser

    HTC is willing to be flexible in terms of how and what it offers in the mobile ecosystem? Hey HTC, how about fixing Bluetooth SPP in your SENSE UI phones? That would be a good place to start.

  11. Did he then explain why this htc and Samsung devices were nothing but counterfeit iPhone yet still somehow cool?

    Or is it silly to ask because everybody already knows he’s full of it?