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Stream sports to an iPad dock-equipped shopping cart

Most of us have done some online shopping while watching a game. But what about watching online sports while shopping? A food market chain in London is testing out that concept by combining a shopping cart, an iPad (s aapl) and a streaming sports app. iPads are already in restaurants, commercial airline cockpits, doctors’ offices and church, not to mention many homes and schools. So why not the grocery store?

According to the ideas-spotting blog, a Sainsbury’s store in London is providing shopping carts equipped with an iPad holder in partnership with Sky Sports. The idea is that shoppers will bring their own iPad, having downloaded the Sky Go iPad app (which allows Sky subscribers free mobile access to several channels of sports), dock it in the cart’s holder and not miss a moment of the game when they have to run out for food or beer. There will also be a battery for charging the iPad, with a solar panel and speakers.

Does that sound slightly dangerous to you too? Well Sky and Sainsbury’s have apparently also considered this. Springwise writes that, “to prevent any accidents that might result, the new trolleys also feature a front bumper complete with a sensor that beeps if the user strays too close to other shoppers.”

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