AT&T To Carry Three New Windows Phone Mango Devices This Fall


Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) partners are set to unveil phones based on the Mango update to Windows Phone 7 relatively soon, and the wireless carriers are also gearing up for the launch. AT&T (NYSE: T) announced plans Monday to launch three new phones from Samsung and HTC based on Mango as well as plans to update older devices running Windows Phone 7 with the software.

AT&T declared itself “the U.S. leader in Windows Phones” in a press release touting its fall lineup of handsets based on Windows Phone 7, which is a pretty nebulous claim considering that no one has any real idea how many phones based on the OS have been sold. It’s not a large number, that’s for sure, but as Microsoft draws closer to the first-year anniversary of the reboot of its mobile strategy it’s hoping that Mango–version 7.5–can make a difference.

Two phones from Samsung–the Focus S and Focus Flash–and the HTC Titan will arrive in the fourth quarter on AT&T’s 4G network, albeit for its HSPA+ 4G network, not its LTE 4G network. In addition, the four other Windows Phone 7 devices in AT&T’s arsenal–the HTC HD7S, HTC Surround, LG (SEO: 066570) Quantum, and Samsung Focus–are scheduled to receive the Mango update when it becomes available.

That update is expected any week now, with some rumors percolating that Microsoft could use this week’s Build conference to launch the update. However, it’s most likely that the ripest Mango will be saved for Nokia (NYSE: NOK) given its special partnership with Microsoft on Windows Phone 7 development.

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