10 stories to read this weekend


Back to work, this week has been one full of excitement and news. Amid all the buzz, it is fairly easy to miss out on some of the best (and contrarian) writing that was published over the past few days. Here are  a few stories and a video for you guys to read.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff in conversation with Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.

P.S. I wonder if you have any suggestions/hacks that would allow readers to essentially click a button and get all these articles automatically saved to their Evernote, Instapaper or Readability accounts. If you have thoughts, please leave them in the comments or e-mail me.



awesome list! as far as these hacks you requested goes, Tim Ferriss has an Evernote clipping plugin at the end of his blogposts, so you can check with him.


When I read these “Ten Stories To Read” articles, I realize that I am not using the Internet anywhere near as good as I could be because these gems pass me by each week. Great stuff!

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