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Paul Graham’s Y Combinator, six years later

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Paul Graham started Y Combinator, his unique blend of start-up school and incubator in 2005 and in the process changed the notion of web startups and how they are built. Y Combinator has spawned quite a quite a few well known names such as Dropbox, and Airbnb. Here is a video that looks at YC and its impact. Video is courtesy of Voltier Creative.

2 Responses to “Paul Graham’s Y Combinator, six years later”

  1. Lane Rapp

    When I first saw the Y in an orange box, I was all wtf and shrugged a bit when I looked up Y Combinator as a math reference. But you know, I knew instantly that Paul Graham was about being different that what was on the current menu. And that was a good thing that made me listen more closely to what he had to say and what the organization would become. Good stuff.

  2. Deepak Nayal

    Y Combinator seems to have found the formula for startup success, something that VCs and investors have been trying to achieve for many years. I think one of the biggest reasons YCombinator is so successful is that it has techies and entrepreneurs at the top, the same kind of guys that enroll with YCombinator every year to launch their startups. This is a very different model than what VCs go for. I hope we see more of VCs copying YC’s techniques for selecting and grooming startups.