Analyst Believes RIM Rushing To Launch QNX BlackBerry For CES Or MWC


There’s no question that Research in Motion (NSDQ: RIMM) is under the gun to deliver new BlackBerry handsets based on the QNX operating system, but one financial analyst believes the company may be rushing their production in order to meet the first-quarter mobile extravaganzas that are the Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress.

As noted by BGR, Peter Misek of Jefferies & Company issued a research note Friday that suggests sales of RIM’s BlackBerry 7 devices are not meeting expectations. That seems a little premature given the short amount of time that the handsets have been on the market, but consumer sales are slow according to Misek’s research while corporate sales are about in line with expectations.

That’s not all that surprising: while the new BlackBerry 7 devices are nice upgrades for those who are already fans of the BlackBerry, they’re not likely to win a lot of new converts to the operating system given that they present the same basic BlackBerry experience that has been around for several years. Phones are coming based on the QNX operating system used in RIM’s Playbook, but they aren’t officially expected until early next year, according to RIM.

Now Misek believes that RIM is trying to accelerate that schedule. Setting expectations for “early next year” in the consumer electronics industry generally translates to “March or so,” but Misek and BGR believe that RIM is trying to get the device out earlier in the year as to make a splash at two of the most important events of the mobile year in CES and MWC. Should RIM be able to launch the QNX BlackBerrys without incident, the accelerated schedule may be just what the doctor ordered, but rush jobs can be problematic.

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