Google Music Beta Now On iOS Through The Magic Of The Mobile Web

Google Music Beta

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has decided to bring its Music Beta service to iOS users via the mobile Web, launching a new application Thursday that lets the iPhone and iPad users of the world sample Google’s music service.

It’s not clear whether or not Google is actually trying to get a native Music Beta app approved by Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) (a company representative told Techcrunch that it was “considering all options” but wouldn’t comment further). But given that Google has been an outspoken advocate of mobile Web technologies, it’s not that surprising that it would choose such a route even though it has launched an Android app for the Google Music Beta.

Google’s music service hasn’t exactly set the world on fire since it was unveiled at Google I/O in May, but it’s still in a beta format and not open to everyone, so it can’t really be judged quite yet. There’s little doubt that it wouldn’t really work without bringing the iOS user base over to the service in some fashion, but given what Apple has planned for the iOS 5 and iCloud launches, it’s hard to believe that too many iOS users are dying to get into Google Music Beta.

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