iPod nano, this is your life


The first iPod nano (s aapl) was released on Sept. 7, 2005, and in the six intervening years, it has undergone a lot of changes. In fact, the nano has one of the most mercurial design histories of any Apple product. Here’s a quick look back at the history of the iPod nano over the years in pictures.


If Apple sticks to its release schedule for new iPod models, we’ll likely see the seventh generation nano before too long. I’m hoping for an evolutionary take on the most recent nano, with Bluetooth features for wireless pairing with headphones and push notifications from iPhone and iPad devices. What are you looking for from the next iPod nano?

Image credits, in order of oldest to most recent models: Flickr users eheçåtzin, martijnbeijk, Andrew*, marcopako ?coolmikeol, and viskas.



I like the latest ipod the 6th, but ir sucks that they took out the nice camara and the ability to play videos. If you guys want a really nice ipod with lots of features get the 6th generation with the camera. orrrrr ipod touch. I hope another one comes out small like the 6th but with camara thst would be sick


All I want is an on/off switch. I returned my 6th Gen because it kept running when I was not using it.


What I liked about the nano (1st to 5th gen) was its size: not as big as the classic or touch, but bigger than the shuffle. Aaaaaand then they made it as small as the shuffle. So what I’d like primarily is a bigger nano, although I don’t see it happening


Truth. If you want a model with a wheel, your only options now are the Classics. It’s absurd.


Maybe the 7th genereation iPod nano can play video. That’s what stinks about the 6th generation.

Joe Thomas

This is a working out device – I don’t like running with my iPhone or iPod Touch – they’re too big. I don’t like the current Nano because it can’t track me. GPS seems like the most logical addition. Nike+ app on the iPhone is great and would be great on the Nano with GPS.


i hope it has an AM radio (i like to listen to sports radio). i’m also hoping it’s not a touch screen – i listen on crowded trains and like the ability to skip songs and adjust volume without have to take it out of my pocket.


I personally think that the next nano should be the same size as the 4th/5th gen’s screen, so that videos can be played, while still having a touch screen. I also hope that they put the speaker back on it and it still has radio, because the radio apps on the other devices suck from time to time.


Is there a chance there’s going to be a 7th generation. I’m planning on buying a nano, but I don’t want to get 6th gen if a 7th gen is coming out.


This latest iPod Nano is the same physical size as the Shuffle, but it has more memory / storage with a nice display – but the display is flaky / unpredictable. It needs a Home button. It does not need movies / videos in its present size.


Agree 100% I really want the ability to sync directly from iCloud (on all devices). And add AirPlay.


I’m not looking at new iPod nanos…my 1st-gen nano has all the capacity a reasonable human could want, and it still works great. Well, the battery life is understandably shitty, but no matter.


I love the latest form factor but I want Apple to bring back the ability to play movies / video.

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