iPod nano, this is your life


The first iPod nano was released on Sept. 7, 2005, and in the six intervening years, it has undergone a lot of changes. In fact, the nano has one of the most mercurial design histories of any Apple product. Here’s a quick look back at the history of the iPod nano over the years in pictures.



If Apple sticks to its release schedule for new iPod models, we’ll likely see the seventh generation nano before too long. I’m hoping for an evolutionary take on the most recent nano, with Bluetooth features for wireless pairing with headphones and push notifications from iPhone and iPad devices. What are you looking for from the next iPod nano?

Image credits, in order of oldest to most recent models: Flickr users eheçåtzin, martijnbeijk, Andrew*, marcopako ?coolmikeol, and viskas.


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