Tapjoy Takes On Ex-Sony PlayStation Network Chief As Its New CMO

Tapjoy has long counted the gaming industry as the primary customer customer base for its in-app marketing and distribution services; now it has made a key hire that it hopes will speak to that community. Today it is announcing that it has appointed Peter Dille as its new chief marketing officer. Dille has a long history in the gaming world, most recently as SVP for Sony’s computer entertainment division in North America, where he was also overseeing the PlayStation Network.

Dille will oversee all marketing efforts for Tapjoy, raising its profile among developers and extending the service in apps. Tapjoy says that it currently serves ads and marketing to around 250 million mobile users.

During his 15-year stint at Sony (NYSE: SNE), Dille oversaw some critical product launches — and weathered some of the negative PR around when things went awry. In his time as SVP of marketing, they included the delayed launch of the PlayStation 3 back in the day, and then the ongoing questions over whether that product would get discounted to bring up sales volumes.

His success through such trials resulted in Dille taking on more responsibilities. Eventually he was also given the job of overseeing the PlayStation Network, Sony’s online gaming and entertainment service.

In that, he managed to dodge the biggest PR bullet of 2011: he left the company in March of this year, well before the PlayStation Network got beset by hacking scandals that resulted in leaked confidential information about its users.

Dille’s background in gaming marketing — which also included a stint at THQ (NSDQ: THQI) — should serve him well at Tapjoy, which counts gaming apps as one of its biggest client categories.

His appointent at Tapjoy comes at a critical time for the company: earlier this year it was the subject of scrutiny when Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) barred pay-per-install downloads, which had been a key revenue driver for Tapjoy in the App Store. PPI was a marketing service where Tapjoy offered users credits in existing games apps in exchange for those users downloading other gaming apps. One criticism was that the service unfairly made some games appear more popular than they really were, based on their download rates.

Tapjoy said that the changes were indeed affecting its business, but that it was going to refocus efforts on Android as a result: it launched a $5 million fund to drive more games development on the the Google (NSDQ: GOOG) platform.

Dille’s appointment comes after a run of new hires at the app marketing company. It has also appointed Al Wood as its new CFO and Larry Berkin as its VP and GM for Asia Pacific. Earlier this year it also announced a whopping $30 million round of funding to expand operations.