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Yahoos didn’t much care for Carol Bartz

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Carol Bartz, the deposed Yahoo (s YHOO) chief executive wasn’t much of a hit with her employees and her approval rating has been sliding by the quarter, if you believe the data from employee ratings service, Glassdoor. In an email, a Glassdoor spokesperson shared the following stats:

According to hundreds of Yahoo employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor, Yahoo employees give Bartz a cumulative 54% approval rating (46% disapproval), though perhaps more interesting – her approval rating has been on a pretty steady decline since Q4 of 2010 – this quarter she holds a 33% approval rating (67% disapproval). (See chart below for details.) [Also note that when former CEO Jerry Yang left office, he held a 43% approval rating (57% disapproval) among employees] For benchmarking, the average approval rating for CEOs on Glassdoor is 62% although some are significantly higher/lower (ie. Steve Jobs was 97% approval when he stepped down).

One Response to “Yahoos didn’t much care for Carol Bartz”

  1. Lionel Hutz

    The way in which she handled her reservation speaks volumes to why she was fired. Her little “hissy fit”, grumbling about being fired “over the phone” with thinly veiled disgust sent to the entire company from her iPad is fitting of the kind of temper tantrum you’d expect from a Customer Service rep, not a CEO. Good riddance.