When it comes to 3G, Sweden’s got itself covered.


The land of Ericsson, Volvo and Kurt Wallander has a new feather in its cap — it is now the country where 99.6 percent of the country’s population has access to 3G wireless broadband coverage, according to a report by the Swedish Post & Telecom Agency (PTS.) Sweden, like many of its Scandinavian peers, was quite aggressive in embracing 3G wireless technologies and rolling out 3G networks (The ITU has a nice overview study of the state of 3G in Sweden.)

Sweden is now on its way to deploying 4G wireless broadband (LTE) in the 800 MHz band and the telecom operators are being aggressive (at the behest of the regulator) about the roll out of these new technologies, the report said.Sweden isn’t just crazy for wireless, it also wants to get 90 percent of its households and business owners 100 Mbps or higher speeds via their fixed line connections by 2020.



how much does it cost? I mean if people are willing to pay for it im sure any country can get 99.6% of there population 3g.

Ola Sevandersson

I pay $25 per month for my 18 mbit 3G data plan (Real flat rate).. My brother pays $20 for his 100/100 mbit home fiber.

Per Grenerfors

Here’s one of those lucky Swedes. I’m getting my 100 Mbit/s connection upgraded to 1000 Mbit/s in a month or two.

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