Screentaker creates iOS app action shots in seconds

If you’re creating an app or promoting one for a friend or client, nothing quite makes the software pop like showing off screenshots on iOS (s aapl) devices. If you’re decently skilled with Photoshop(s adbe), it isn’t too hard to do, but a new Mac App Store title lets you create pro-level mockups in a matter of seconds.

Screentaker ($4.99) from developer Fabian Kreiser lets you drag and drop screenshots taken on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch onto a simple window, choose from device and display options using drop down menus, and output a finalized screenshot ready for your website or display ad in no time at all. The app detects what device the screenshot came from automatically, but you can also override this and choose yourself.

Aside from device frames, you can also choose to remove the status bar (useful if you don’t want carrier or time info distracting from the app itself), and add a thin border and shadow to iPhone screens, among other options. Enterprising users can also create their own plugins for Screentaker to add their own custom effects to the options already available.

If you’re a developer, you can also grab screen captures from the iOS device simulator that comes with Apple’s suite of development tools, so that you can mock up how an app will look on a device before it’s ready to be deployed. This is especially handy for selling your early-stage projects to investors or clients.

Resulting files are in .PNG format, with background transparency preserved, so you can plug them into whatever graphic presentation you need to easily. As someone who regularly uses iOS screenshots, I’m happy to have found such a neat little tool that will add a little more visual appeal to app reviews and profiles, and I’m sure devs will welcome this time saver even more.