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Mobile Lowdown 9-5-11: iPhone 5 Hints; T-Mobile/AT&T; Google/Admob; HP

A look at some of the big stories in mobile today:

» Best Buy is gearing up for a special “Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) fixture installation” on October 21: some believe this could be another signal that the much-anticipated and rumored iPhone 5 will launch then. Meanwhile, Deutsche Telekom (NYSE: DT) is letting people in Germany secure “reservations” for the next-generation iPhone, without giving details on the name or when it will be available. (via This is my next, Bloomberg)

» HP is splitting its WebOS operation in two: the hardware division (what will be left of it) will continue to report to Stephen DeWitt; the software division is getting moved into the office of strategy and technology, and will now report to Shane Robinson. Meanwhile, customers appear to be backing away from the business. (via Pre Central; WSJ)

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» Rene Obermann, the CEO of T-Mobile USA’s parent, Deutsche Telekom, says that the merger of T-Mo with AT&T (NYSE: T) is still “on track” despite the antitrust intervention last week. (via Total Telecom/Dow Jones)

» China‘s booming mobile market, and the role of iOS and Android in it, gets a long look. (via Inside Mobile Apps)

» Google‘s “spring clean” has also meant to some operational changes: mobile ad network Admob will now focus only on in-app ads; mobile web inventory will be run through Adsense. (via Google Blog)

» Amazon‘s push into tablets will put it into competition with Google (NSDQ: GOOG) for developers working on Android. (via Techpinions)

Our look at the report of Amazon’s upcoming tablet — and what seems to be Amazon’s strategy — here.

» Intel, which developed MeeGo with Nokia (NYSE: NOK), may discontinue its work on the OS and focus on hardware. (via Digitimes)