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Reader feedback: the impact of Solyndra’s fall

Solyndra's rooftop at its factory

In light of solar startup Solyndra’s announcement this week that the company plans to file for bankruptcy, we decided to turn to our readers to find out what you think are the most important impacts and lessons learned of the news. Our survey, which had 240 respondents and can be found here (subscription required), shows that you have some very strong opinions about what you think happened to Solyndra and how you think the bankruptcy will affect cleantech investing, the DOE clean power programs and the solar industry in general.

For example, 39.81 percent of you thought Solyndra’s struggles came from company mismanagement, while only 31.55 percent of you thought that Solyndra failed because of changes in the macro solar market. A mere 4.37 percent of you thought that the company went down because it needed more funding to enable it to reach economies of scale.

Check out the entire research note, which examines the rest of the survey’s results and also includes an analysis of Solyndra’s struggles over the past two years to move into mass production, and to do it amidst difficult and volatile economic conditions. Remember, the forces Solyndra has contended with also have punished much larger players in the solar market and caused solar upstarts to reconsider their business plans. Other companies mentioned in this report include 1366 Technologies, Abound Solar, Evergreen Solar, First Solar, and SpectraWatt.

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