Amazon’s New Kindle Book Promotion: The Breakdown

Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) is moving from periodic e-book sales (like Sunshine Deals and Big Deals) into regular month-long Kindle promotions (along with its Kindle Daily Deals, launched last week). A new section of the Kindle store now offers “100 Kindle books for $3.99 or less,” selected by editors each month. A look at the September list reveals some interesting factoids and a lot of participation from big publishers.

Four of the “big six” publishers–Random House, HarperCollins, Hachette and Macmillan–are participating. Because they use the agency model for e-book pricing–they set their own e-book prices and the retailer takes a commission–they have to drop the prices of the titles included in the Amazon promo everywhere those titles are sold, not just on Amazon. In total, 27 books in the promo are from agency publishers and the rest are non-agency.

Note that Amazon is including a lot of its own titles in the promo–eight from its AmazonEncore imprint and one from its AmazonCrossing (translated books) imprint.

Publishers with one title each: Andrews McMeel, B&H, Bethany House, Counterpoint, Hunter House, Newmarket, Nilgiri, North Atlantic, Red Lemonade, Rodale, Sourcebooks, Thomas Nelson.

Most of the included titles are fiction. I used “general fiction” as a category to keep things easy, but that includes a wide variety of titles, including one Amish fiction title and one Christian fiction title.

Genres with one title: Business, Health, Science, Sports (all nonfiction).

And finally, no $0.99 books here:

P.S. If I piqued your interest with the Amish fiction (and the image accompanying this post), I recommend this interesting piece from the WSJ. And yes, these books are read by the Amish–though not on Kindles, presumably.