PHOTOS: Solyndra, a walk down memory lane

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Credit: Gigaom/Katie Fehrenbacher

Solyndra on Wednesday announced the shocker that it is heading into bankruptcy and will be laying off 1,100 workers. I’ve been covering the company steadily over the past four years, and particularly since it was the flagship recipient of the Department of Energy’s loan guarantee program in 2009. I covered the company’s factory ground breaking in September 2009 — which featured Vice President Joe Biden, then California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and DOE Energy Secretary Steven Chu — and visited the factory back in April of this year.

Here’s a trip down memory lane in photos:

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Felix Hoenikker

Solyndra was an easy pass in 2008 but not for a bunch of VCs without any energy know-how proselytizing technology they didn’t understand…they were drinking the cool-aide and convinced the DOE to join the party. Symptomatic of a need for actual energy investing talent….so it goes.

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