Pulse Aims For ‘Mainstream’ With USA Today, Women’s Health, New Yorker

Mobile news reading app Pulse is reaching out to a more mainstream audience with its announcement of three new publishing partners: USA Today, Women’s Health and the New Yorker.

Pulse now has over 200 publishing partners, and its app (for iOS and Android) been downloaded five million times–broadening its reach beyond tech-blog-reading early adopters, CEO Akshay Kothari told me. Earlier this month, Pulse added Al Jazeera as its first international news partner.

As with its recent partnership with MSBNC and its other publishing partners, Pulse’s relationship with USA Today, Women’s Health and the New Yorker is promotional. Moving forward, “we and the publishers will work together to figure out the best way to monetize,” Kothari said. But the company is “not spending too much time on [monetization] right now,” choosing instead to build its platform and number of partners.

It’s worth pointing out that new partners doesn’t mean exclusive content. All of the content on Pulse is free–but those who don’t want to pay to subscribe to the New Yorker won’t find much of the print magazine’s content here. When I checked it out, all the New Yorker content on Pulse was from the magazine’s blogs. For full-length articles, you will still have to subscribe to the magazine.