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PHOTOS: Close-to-production Coda electric sedan

About a year ago, I test drove a pre-production version of Coda’s electric sedan. It was a smooth enough ride (see video below), but some of the design elements had yet to be finalized. Well, at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas on Tuesday, I got a chance to check out a much closer-to-production version of the Coda sedan, with slightly new styling and more functionality.

Coda’s Matt Sloustcher said that the Coda sedan being showed off at the summit on Tuesday was very close to the final production car, and that Coda is on track to start delivering the car within 2011. Previously, Coda was supposed to start selling the car starting in Dec. 2010, but ended up pushing that date back to the summer of 2011, and has also used the date of before the end of 2011.