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Meet 10 hot startups presenting at Mobilize 2011

A year ago, the mobile landscape was markedly different. Widespread LTE deployments weren’t in existence. The patent fight among handset makers had yet to become a war of mutually assured destruction, and Google hadn’t decided to buy a handset maker. As we discuss these topics and others at our Mobilize 2011 event in San Francisco, we’re also going to be addressing hot new apps and solutions to help manage the data deluge in our LaunchPad competition.

We wanted to give our readers the chance to meet the companies before they present on Monday Sept. 26 in San Francisco, so without further ado, the winners of the Mobilize 2011 LaunchPad competition are:

  • B Labs – provider of deep technology virtualization software that enables work and personal life separation in mobile devices
  • Flixlab – a social video platform that automatically makes great movies from the videos and pictures on your smartphone, and even your friends’ smartphones
  • Localmind – a real-time, location-based Q&A platform that leverages social check-in services, so you know what’s happening around your city right now
  • Mobiflock – provides smartphone management and safety services for parents, individuals, and businesses that fill the mobile security gap
  • Parse – Heroku for mobile apps; Stop writing server code and instead, power your mobile apps with our cloud platform
  • Quantance – offers unique power management products that dramatically improve mobile data speeds and applications connectivity for tablets, smart phones, and other popular data devices
  • RightScript – a mobile medication management system that links patients with their doctors and health plans
  • Tackable – location-aware mobile software that connects people to information, ideas, and things they’re looking for; simply post a tack to get started
  • VoiceBeam – provides a communication accelerator that lets users ‘beam’ their voices to others, circumventing voicemail and phone calls, and modernizing push-to-talk for the smartphone era

So come check them out in four weeks as well as executives from Sprint(s s), Square, Instagram and Twitter so you can learn all about where mobile is going in the year ahead.

8 Responses to “Meet 10 hot startups presenting at Mobilize 2011”

  1. VoiceBeam is honored to be selected, and we look forward to adding our take on the future of communications and mobile into the mix!

    @johnny, @john, and others: Food is important, but innovation is frankly more important. The economist Thomas Malthus proved in the 1800s that innovation and technology were the only reason crops could be grown in ever greater quantities to support a burgeoning human population. If we sat around and said “oh let’s just plant seeds” we would never have invented fertilizer, mechanization, etc. and most of us probably wouldn’t be around today. Innovation has always been, and will always be, the catalyst to solving the worlds most pressing problems.

  2. Mohit Kumar

    well.. the answer is usual.. the trend is for mobile start-ups.. any one interested in funding mine idea.. what looks is just a basic website, but the idea is yet to be realized..