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Wozniak originally skeptical of Jobs’ ability to turn Apple around

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Apple co-founders Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne spoke to Bloomberg’s Emily Chang in a combined video interview on Bloomberg TV late Thursday, prompted by Steve Jobs’ departure as CEO, and the result provides some insight into how Apple got started, Wozniak’s thoughts on the turnaround, and where the company might be headed next.

I was especially interested to learn that though Wozniak had confidence in Apple’s ability to rise out of the depths in 1996 when Jobs returned to the company through the purchase of NeXT, he admitted that he was initially skeptical of how Jobs would accomplish that. He then goes on to state that Jobs’ success in doing so was due in large part to his ability “to keep secrets where you need to keep secrets” and “to make sure you’re not overbuilding a bunch of junk you can’t sell.”

It’s also interesting to see the role that Wayne played, which was explained by both in what are obviously fairly diplomatic terms. It was pretty harsh when Chang reminds Wayne that he’s “not a wealthy man” after selling his stake in Apple at a very early stage, which comes at around 6:50 mark in the interview. Take a look at the full interview below and let us know what you think.


Video courtesy of Boomberg Televison.

3 Responses to “Wozniak originally skeptical of Jobs’ ability to turn Apple around”

  1. The most important bit of information on the relationship of the two founders of Apple was that the Woz was sold in leaving HP by Jobs. Whatever Waz thinks (except for tech innovation)its less than the farsightedness of Jobs.

    • Yea, but Woz’s tech innovations were quite simply jaw dropping. The Apple][ logic board is one of the most ingeniously elegant things ever created by man, and that elegance has been a hallmark of the better things Apple has designed ever since.