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Tell us how you think Apple could change in the post-Jobs era

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At GigaOM, we think we have some of the savviest Apple (and tech-industry) watchers around. With that in mind, we’d like to ask for your thoughts about how things might change at Apple in the future with the news of Steve Jobs’ retirement.

We’ll feature some of the results and the best comments about Apple post-Jobs on Monday, and we’ll also send out early results of the survey to respondents. So take 2 minutes and tell us how you think Apple might change in the coming years.

*The survey is now closed

5 Responses to “Tell us how you think Apple could change in the post-Jobs era”

  1. Michael W. Perry

    I have no idea what Apple will do. I do have some ideas about what it should do.

    Apple is now rich and powerful enough, it needs to be more responsible. It has no excuse to continue to be self-obsessed and bullying. It needs to show more consideration for the broader eco-systems to which it belongs: Macs, high-technology, the United States and the world. It has ethical obligations to each.

    * Make being a developer or third-party reseller more rewarding. Share the pie better. Server farms are getting cheaper. Why not give developers 80% rather than 70%?

    * Contribute more to open source/open standards, including those for mobile devices.

    * Move the high-tech industry away from the current spat of lawsuits into more innovation.

    * Lighten up and be less closed. Adobe is a good example of a company that keeps only necessary secrets.

    * Become bigger than Cupertino. Be a truly international company much like Boeing. Share the wealth. Build, assembly and design in most places where you sell.

    * Make a contribution to the economy in more locations, including across the US. There should be factories assembling Apple products wherever they are sold: in North America, South America and even Europe, along with Asia.

    * Diversity. Move away from the silly mantra about “Designed in California. Assembled in China.” Design in several locations to keep from getting narrow, weird and stale. (Remember Detroit and cars.) Assemble in even more.

    That’s not everything, but it would be an excellent start.

  2. I wanted to hear Jobs say “this is insanely great product” one last time.

    I’m worried that the culture, creativity, forward thinking, design, magic, energy, and the quest for perfect products will disappear. The CEO has to rally the troops and lead by example and imagination. Jobs did this everyday.
    The new CEO might hideout and be a Wilber Milktoast leader.

    • You’d be surprised: we have quite a few above-average idiots as readers, and the comments we’ve gotten on this survey show we even have some non-idiots. As for flamer-throwing commenters, they tend to rank lower on the bell curve :)

  3. Sunflower

    Imperative to keep high quality of products!
    Don’t fall to pressure – no one can replace Steve or the excitement he creates in anticipation of new products. But he has layed a strong foundation & now eyes will turn to Tim – can he continue the spirit of Apple & begin his stamp upon the company?
    We’ll know soon…..