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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7: a 7-inch, 720p tablet?

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Samsung appears to be planning a new 7-inch tablet called the Galaxy Tab 7.7 at next month’s IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany. The company released a free Android application to supplement its IFA news and close inspection of the app package’s contents contain a reference to the Galaxy Tab 7.7 name, according to ThisIsMyNext. Many around the web suggest the device will use a 7.7-inch screen in keeping with the naming convention of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 models, whose names do refer to screen sizes. I think there’s another explanation.

Last week, we noted that Samsung was working on Super AMOLED Plus displays in sizes up to  seven inches, which would be in products by year end. The screen technology provides some of the most vivid, eye-popping colors and is used in a few of Samsung’s current smartphones. (Related: our Super AMOLED Plus smartphone video demo) These displays max out at 800 x 480 resolution today, but Samsung is reportedly working on 1280 x 720 support on the larger screens, giving me cause to suspect the Galaxy Tab 7.7 will still have a 7-inch screen — like the current model — but the other 7 may loosely refer to 720p, or 1280 x 720 high-definition resolution.

There’s little doubt that whatever the screen size of the new Galaxy Tab 7.7, it would likely run Google Android Honeycomb(s goog), and not Gingerbread as the 7-inch Tab I currently own does. I’ll be curious to see how that plays out because I prefer Gingerbread, along with the Samsung software tweaks to improve it, over any of the Honeycomb tablets I’ve used or reviewed yet. I’m also partial to the 7-inch screen size because it offers the same portability of a smartphone, fitting in jacket pocket or back pants pocket, while also providing a larger screen experience.

Aside from the screen size, operating system and overall specifications — I’d expect a dual-core processor to power the slate — I’m looking seeing if the new tablet will support cellular voice calling. The original Galaxy Tab model actually does, but in the U.S., such functionality is stripped out. There are ways to hack voice service back in, but that’s not an ideal solution. If Samsung brings a 7-inch — or even a 7.7-inch — Galaxy Tab with Super AMOLED Plus screen and voice support, my next “smartphone” just might be a 720p tablet.

10 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7: a 7-inch, 720p tablet?”

  1. pls i am just confused,i need a galaxy tab but i dont just know which one to buy and beside the only one available is the 7 inch in my country presently.when would 7.7 inch come out and what about there spec?are the the same?pls i need an answer fast.

  2. I use the phone enable galaxy tab in New Zealand. It great. I’m not a big phone user but all of the features makes it the take everywhere device. The bluetooth phone earbud makes calling simple.

  3. Thanks, Kevin. I’m looking forward to a kick-ass 7 inch tab with a SAMOLED+ HD screen with an improved form factor (a la Tab 10.1 and 8.9). I have played with those other Tab devices and can say that they are really impressive with their thin and light hardware and generally excellent specs.

    The difference with the 7 inch Tab will be exactly what you’ve been saying, the ability to carry it around with much more ease.

    • I think you hit the key point in your last sentence: the ability to carry it around with much more ease. I won’t carry a 10″ tablet everywhere, but I will carry a 7″ tablet with me all the time. I know many say the smartphone is the “take everywhere” device, but for me (and I’ll admit I’m either in the minority or way ahead of the curve), a 7-inch slate can be that device; especially if it supports traditional voice calls.

    • Bear in mind that it’s a personal preference, so there are others that will have a differing opinion (and still be right). I simply don’t like the interface all that much. Too many taps in different corners to do things which reminds me of a traditional PC user interface. Google may have been better off by leveraging more of the Android 2.x UI so there is less of a learning curve, IMO. Again, just my $0.02 – I know folks that like using Honeycomb. If they do, good for them. I’m just not jazzed by it.

      • Liqeirbei

        I wouldn’t worry too much about the HC UI, Martias has already said that he had no involvement in GB & almost no involvement in HC. His imprint will not be made until ICS. Of course the problem with that is that he can’t change too much as to avoid Android looking like it radically changes every 6 months to the average consumer (GB, HC, ICS in 1 year). Unlike webOS were he got too build from the ground up.

        Personally I like the UI because it’s practical & easy to get things done quickly. Lots of fancy swooshing & swishing is more artistic than practical (i.e. webOS). Lots of us out there use even these types of devices as tools not toys, the MS way not the Apple way.

        All I can tell Samsung is that this 7.7″ better be pocketable, that was the entire selling point of the original Tab. If it isn’t then there is no reason to even release it after the 8.9. We all know it will be thinner but here’s hoping for some ports this time around.