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No Samsung Galaxy S II for Verizon after all

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We have an extensive portfolio that offers customers a great variety of devices, including the Samsung Droid Charge.

Verizon(s vz) spokesperson, Brenda Raney, confirmed to the Wall Street Journal (s nws) that Verizon won’t be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S II handset, suggesting the carrier’s handset lineup is already strong enough. Given that the SGS2 is the fastest selling handset in Samsung’s stable of smartphones, selling 5 million units in the first 85 days of availability, I beg to differ with Raney.

More likely, at least from where I stand, is the fact that the SGS2 doesn’t support Verizon’s speedy new LTE network like the Droid Charge does. Customers can eat through their monthly mobile broadband allotment faster on the 4G network, which brings the potential for additional revenues. By supporting a slower 3G network, that overage opportunity diminishes. The other possibility would be that Samsung didn’t want to incorporate CDMA and EVDO radio support in the handset, but that makes little sense, given news that a Sprint (s s) model has been leaked.

Ultimately, by not offering what’s arguably the best Google Android device currently available, this development reinforces the notion that with an iPhone(s aapl), Verizon will lean less upon Android (s goog) to get and retain customers. Perhaps that next iPhone (s aapl) will support LTE on Verizon’s network after all and become a flagship device for the 4G network?

4 Responses to “No Samsung Galaxy S II for Verizon after all”

  1. [FACEPALM] For what reason would Samsung forego the largest U.S. mobile carrier?

    Answer: They wouldn’t, but VZW has reason to reject them.

    Doesn’t the SGSII have NFC built-in?

    My guess is that because VZW is launching their own proprietary payment software and they don’t want any competition from Google before they are able to get traction for their own mobile payments service… a very classy move from a very classy monopolist!

    The whole notion that LTE support for the SGSII is an issue is completely absurd. They’ve already demonstrated that capability with the Droid Charge and I believe the Korean version has a radio for LTE in the same spectrum.