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Infographic: An ode to Steve Jobs

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Earlier, I wrote about Steve Jobs’ time as CEO by the numbers, but now here’s a visual look at his time in that role. The infographic below presents a history of the most memorable moments and products in Jobs’ career, as well as a selection of some quotes that sum up a lot of his feelings about their design, the competition and the computing landscape.

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Ode to Steve Jobs, Column Five

Update: This infographic has been updated to fix the errors in the original version.

Infographic courtesy of Column Five Media. This graphic originally appeared at

14 Responses to “Infographic: An ode to Steve Jobs”

  1. Percy Dastur

    Adam’s apple led to the evolution of mankind and Steve’s Apple brought a revolution in sleek computing technology. Steve’s resignation will definitely leave a big void in Apple, but what we need to understand is that organizations are much bigger then their CEOs. It is without doubt that Steve has contributed significantly to the aura of Apple but theApple of the American stock market’s eye will continue with its upward trend in the times to come.

    Steve is a man of change. He changed the world again and again with his innovations, he introduced the iPod, followed it by the iPhone and then iPad. These devices were backed by iTunes, a digital media service behemoth, and the world’s largest app store. Any revolutionary concept will fail to inspire your people if you cannot make a powerful transformation story out of it. And here, the CEO has a major role to play. Given his position atop the Apple hierarchy, Steve inspired confidence and credibility. He communicated his strong and meaningful vision, to transform the Apple story into a giant success.

    Steve’s resignation as CEO puts an end to a glorious era, however it is also the beginning of a new era as he is expected to continue his role at Apple as “Chief Visionary” as long as he breathes.

  2. Andrew Tilston

    Why is this considered an infographic at all? The graphical elements aren’t helping us interpret the data available… it’s just a simple bullet list with illustrations.

  3. Hamranhansenhansen

    Apple introduced iTunes in January of 2001, not May, 2003. They introduced iPod (which required iTunes) in October, 2001. How did they sell 2 years of iPods without iTunes? In April 2003, Apple introduced iTunes Store as part of iTunes 4.0. Maybe that is what the author was thinking?

    Apple did not introduce iPad at MacWorld Expo. They introduced iPad at an Apple-sponsored media event at Yerba Buena center in San Francisco. iPad was introduced in January 2010 … MacWorld Expo happened in February of that year.

  4. Nick DeMartino

    Quite a few errors. Apple stopped introducing products at MacWorld, for instance. Also, Jobs wasn’t brought back to replace Sculley, he came along with Amelio’s acquisition of NeXT, and then got the board to dump Amelio.