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Steve Jobs’ resignation — what the web is saying

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Steve Jobs dropped a bombshell on the tech world Wednesday night, when the iconic founder and CEO of Apple (s aapl) Corp. announced that he was stepping down as chief executive because he could “no longer meet [his] duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO.” The news sent shock waves through Twitter and the blogosphere as tech-industry heavyweights and ordinary Apple fans alike expressed their feelings of shock and sadness at Jobs’ departure. As Om said in his post, although Jobs remains chairman of Apple, it is the end of an era (Erica Ogg also has a post about what Apple might look like under its new CEO Tim Cook).

Here’s a selection of some of the other responses to Jobs’ announcement:

Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of Salesforce (s crm), said that:

Steve Jobs is the greatest leader our industry has ever known. Its the end of an era.

Long-time Wall Street analyst turned merchant banker Frank Quattrone said on Twitter:

Apple blogger John Gruber said at his blog Daring Fireball that Apple remains the same company it has been for some time, since the transition to new CEO Tim Cook has been fairly obvious ever since Steve Jobs took his last medical leave:

Today’s announcement is just one more step, albeit a big and sad one, in a long-planned orderly transition — a transition that no one wanted but which could not, alas, be avoided. And as ever, he’s doing it his way.

Googler (s goog) Matt Cutts, the head of the company’s anti-spam team, said on his Google+ page:

Really sad to hear that Steve Jobs is resigning. He’s an incredible guy and has led Apple to launch amazing products that have changed the world. I hope he’ll be okay. Sending good wishes his way. founder and CNBC host Jim Cramer said:

Veteran technology writer Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal said in an essay on Jobs’ departure:

Most people are lucky if they can change the world in one important way, but Jobs, in multiple stages of his business career, changed global technology, media and lifestyles in multiple ways on multiple occasions.

Bill Gurley, a venture capitalist with Benchmark Capital said on Twitter that:

Matt Linderman of 37Signals said:

The two greatest runs I’ve ever witnessed in my life: Michael Jordan and Steve Jobs.

And Matt Galligan, former co-founder of SimpleGeo, said:

Steve Jobs will always be an inspiration to me. He turned something plain into something beautiful. And in the process, changed the world.

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said that:

Saul Hansell, former technology writer for the New York Times, called Jobs “The patron saint of perfectionists” in a post at TechCrunch:

We all know lots of people who are nice. We know many people who are smart. We’ve seen a bunch of corporate leaders who have the rare combination of skills to surf the waves spawned by Moore’s Law. But it’s hard to think of anyone besides Steve Jobs who through the sheer force of will, self-confidence, vision and perfectionism could upend the powerful forces of technology to make so many products that delighted so many people.

7 Responses to “Steve Jobs’ resignation — what the web is saying”

  1. Stan DeVaughn

    I can’t think of anybody, other than Henry Ford and Walt Disney, who cast a shadow or created a legacy anything near Jobs’. Waaay beyond business. The Valley is much diminished place from now on.

  2. Jason Thibeault

    I think even more important than Steve’s resignation, though, is the imapct it had on the stock and how that illustrates the overall subjective nature of our capital markets. There’s no change in Apple with Steve resigning. Although he was the guiding leadership for its products, he didn’t just sit on high and dictate. He built a culture around his vision that will exist long after he is gone. And, even equally important, disruption can lead to innovation. The phrase “Steve Jobs has resigned” can be seen as both bad (an innovator and visionary leaving his post) and positive (a new regime with new vision).

  3. Shashi Prabhakar

    What if the most beautiful computer you knew was Windows XP, and the best tablet was the Fujitsu slab with a stylus? Only when one sees the creativity of Humans expressed in Shakespeare, the Taj Mahal or the iPad does one feel the depths of ignorance in which we live.

    I’m glad to be living in a world touched by Steve Jobs. It would have been a dull world without him. I fear to live in a world without his influence.

  4. come on guys, you’ve gotta have better Technologist quotes than two crooks (quattrone, cramer) and a politician (Arnold)… Steve deserves more respect than those clowns.