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Gallery: Steve Jobs throughout the years

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Steve Jobs has had a number of ups and downs over the years. Check out this history in magazine covers depicting his dramatic rise, dramatic fall and triumphant return to Apple, as well as his product leadership over the last three decades.

All photos courtesy of Kuo Design

8 Responses to “Gallery: Steve Jobs throughout the years”

  1. MacRaven

    Steve was handsome as Hell in his younger days. Shocking good looks AND the brains to change the world with futuristic products the rest of us just dreamed about. It just doesn’t get any better than that. An incredible man. In my lifetime, to be caught up in the wild ride of the creative genius of both The Beatles and Steve Jobs is just more than anyone could dream of. The eventual passing of Steve Jobs will be like the loss of John Lennon. Except John’s genius entertained me, Steve’s genius affects the efficiency and quality of my entire work (and home) technology experience.

  2. Laurence Toney

    very cool to see the progression through the years. jobs will go down in the books as one of the best product visionaries and one of the best ceos in history. one thing, the cover of the red herring must have been at a later date as the herring was not around to my knowledge in 1988.

  3. Manish Chandra

    Carry on Steve.You are a great inspiration ! Some people talk some use their charm some beguile to stay in News create News with your innovation laden ideas. I envy you

  4. Carry on Steve you are a great “Inspiration” some people speak some use their charms some beguile to stay in news create news by your innovation laden ideas . I envy you

  5. Sundevil59

    Much better tribute than some of the others I’ve (tried to) read. Simply put! I just couldn’t get through even 1 blog about sum teary-eyed blogger who’s sad cuz their world just collapsed! Not trying to be at all insensitive here. I sincerely hope Steve and his family and close friends are ok. That said, I can’t see Steve wanting ANYONE to shed a single tear for his sake. Hell, he’s avoided even talking about his health. He’s an innovator without an equal for sure. However, we should all keep in mind that he’s still on the Board (Chair or whatever >> still in charge). He’s merely completely relieved himself of the day-to-day. Tim was doing that anyway at least since what? January of this year I think… My bet is in a week to two weeks we see good ol’ Steve up on stage with his blue jeans and black turtle neck introducing the next generation in iPhone madness!!! Anyways, I definitely don’t see Apple or any of it’s products taking the kind of turn it took back in the 80s. I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but still carry an opinion. Stay well Steve!!!!